While on the hunt make sure to have protecitve boots. You do not want to step on something dangerous, have wet feet, or even simply put ruin your nice shoes! These slip on protective boots will protect your shoes from all surfaces/substances, as well as a portion of your pants. They are PERFECT for dumpster diving. 



Material: Plastic

Gender: Unisex

Size: Multiple Options

Waterproof: yes


What is Included:

 1X Unisex Shoe Cover Boots


Waterproof Slip On Protective Boots


    Stefanie Joslyn

    I was at a loss for where to begin looking for Dumpster Diving gear. Dumpster Hunt was attentive to my questions and highly supportive. All of the products I have ordered have been superb. 

    Wendy Almore

    Thank you Dumpster Hunt team for not only providing me with awesome new gear but also being so attentive and helpful!!!

    Ian Milton

    I have tried to make my own Dumpster Diving gear but deciding to spend a few bucks at Dumpster Hunt was the best decision I have ever made. I am so much more prepared after my recent order. Thanks alot for your products!

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